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This project is mainly "glue" between several wonderful open source packages. This page is dedicated to providing credit to all of those who helped (directly or indirectly) with this project. Even though I (Barrett Lyon) have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work on every aspect of this project, I could not have done it without the help of a lot of wonderful and talented individuals. Some of these people have no clue they even helped, others have contributed enormously. This is my thank you to all of these people.


    Barrett Lyon Original Project Idea/Code
    Alex Adai

Author of LGL, the current graphing engine


  Jason Voyles FAQs, Organizing, HTML page updates, and Random Documentation.


  Prolexic Technologies Prolexic provided us a bunch of servers and gigs of bandwidth!

Web Design:

  Aaron Bockover Web Designer (aaron [.at.] aaronbock.net)

Very Important People:

  Robert Brown For betting me that I could not do this project
  Rachelle Sterling For being a wonderful influence in my life, and someone I will spend the rest of my life with. :) Oh and for the T-Shirt design and not getting mad at me when I am on the computer 24/7
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