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This project was created to make a visual representation of a space that is very much one-dimensional, a metaphysical universe. The data represented and collected here serves a multitude of purposes: Modeling the Internet, analyzing wasted IP space, IP space distribution, detecting the result of natural disasters, weather, war, and esthetics/art. This project is free and represents a lot of donated time, please enjoy.

A note from the creator:

The Opte Project was my first gift to the world and in the sleepless nights developing the software that traced all the routes of the Internet, I never thought it would touch so many people. Today the image has been used free of charge across the globe and is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Boston Museum of Science. It has been used in countless books, media, and even movies.

When the time is right, I will release the new version of the project that I have slowly been building over the past five years. Until then, please enjoy what has been produced.

Learn more please enjoy the site, or visit blyon.com.



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